Stress Relief Therapy

Extra Services

Depending on the case, a customer can get one of the following:

Lactic peel, Glycolic peel, mandelic peel, Dermapen, Dermabrasion, LED lights. Cool stones, reiki, hot stones, aromatherapy, quartz crystals, sound therapy, foot massage with scrub, hand massage, reflexology, or face massage. These are complimentary services that are customized for each customer.

Sound Gong Bath Therapy


Your body is a symphony of frequencies! Each of our organs, glands and cells vibrate at their own special frequency and these correspond with musical notes, light, and colors. Vibrational frequencies can be used to heal and balance our bodies. Energy flows through your body like a river through a network of meridians and chakras. Sound waves can help to free the blockages which can lead to dis-ease. As sounds flow through your body which is 70% fluids, every cell pulsates, - heart, body, and mind synchronize, open, and clear, supporting healthy circulation and immune system function, deep relaxation, and expanded creativity.